JULY 5-12, 2020 – Women’s Food & Nature Tour

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OCTOBER 4-11, 2020 – Fall Food & Wine Tour

Experience Italy’s fall splendor

TRAVEL DEEPER to Undiscovered Abruzzo, Italy

on one of our Small Group Tours

Only a short two-hour drive from Rome, Abruzzo is unlike any other region is Italy.  It is the region of national parks, la terra di mare e monti, where you can travel from the sea to the mountaintop in an hour. It’s the unexplored last frontier of Italy where you hike through rugged mountains and valleys only to stumble upon medieval villages and hidden hermitages carved into stone.

While navigating Italy can often feel like retracing the footsteps of countless others…Abruzzo still retains a mystery and promise of discovery.” – Conde Nast Traveler

Abruzzo’s cuisine is rustic and pure – you can taste la terra in its cheese, lamb and ancient grains. It is a region with a proud pastoral tradition that has seen hardship and poverty due to wars and an isolated geographic position, but whose people have emerged with an indomitable spirit of survival and loyalty to their territory.

It is my father’s homeland and the place that I love most in the world.

WHO I AM … My name is Michelle DiBenedetto-Capobianco.  I’m a corporate lawyer-turned-private chef in New York. My father, Gino, was born and raised in Salle, a tiny village within the Parco Nazionale della Majella in Abruzzo. I have spent the past 12 summers exploring, savoring, meandering, hiking, cooking and dreaming in Abruzzo and cultivating relationships with talented folks who have dedicated their lives and livelihoods to preserving and honoring the region’s natural beauty, rich culture and culinary traditions. I now organize creative, small-group tours of Abruzzo that highlight its majestic mountains, serene coastlines, charming villages and artisanal food and wines.  Learn more about me HERE.


From Razia, Washington:
Michelle, thank you for providing an accessible trip for me to make visiting Abruzzo possible! It couldn’t have been made better through and through from start to finish – with the opportunities to explore so many magical places (I can’t forget those fireflies on our night hike!), and taste so many pieces of heaven – the saffron lasagna, Marisa’s amazing ravioli, and the zucchini blossoms, and all the cheeses, and everything! It was heavenly and I miss every minute of it every single day – it was such a gift to be able to partake in every daily adventure.

From Shirley, Maine:
Thank you for sharing your passion for Abruzzo with us. We all felt the fact that you are authentically in love with the place. Your wide eyed wonder for the simplicity of this motherland wrapped us in humility for the simple blessings of the earth. When folks ask how my trip was I found that my reply has been… It was just like going home! Again… grazie!

From Becca, Boston:
I am still talking non-stop about our trip. I loved it more than I can explain. Thank you so much for everything. My two friends are contacting you as we speak to sign up for next year! Can’t wait to join you for another adventure in Abruzzo!

From Linda D, New York:
You really outdid yourself in the planning and execution of our week in the Majella. We could not have asked for a better tour. Marisa and staying at Pietranica was a delight and our daily journeys were adventurous (to say the least!) and educational, not to mention DELICIOUS. I am so grateful that I was a part of your “maiden tour” of [la] Majella and Decontra. … MANY, MANY, THANKS for an amazing, unforgettable vacation.