A Giostra to Remember

A Giostra to Remember

The town of Sulmona in Abruzzo is one of my favorite places in all of Italy.  Last summer, my family and I attended the annual Giostra Cavalleresca — a Palio-like festival and horse race that dates back to the Renaissance.   The wonderful travel website Abruzzo Up N’ Down just published a piece I wrote about this one-of-a-kind cultural experience — http://blog.abruzzoupndown.com/2013/02/medievalgiostrainsulmona.html

Sulmona's Lovely Artisanal Confetti

Sulmona’s Lovely Artisanal Confetti

For more information about the lovely (and still off-the-beaten-path) town of Sulmona, “Like” Welcome to Sulmona on FB — https://www.facebook.com/WelcometoSulmona

Dancing ladies-in-waiting during the sflilata - read more at http://blog.abruzzoupndown.com/2013/02/medievalgiostrainsulmona.html

Dancing ladies-in-waiting during the sfilata – check out more at http://blog.abruzzoupndown.com/2013/02/medievalgiostrainsulmona.html

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