Spring 2018 Cooking Classes

Gather a group of friends in your kitchen and let’s get cooking!  I’ll bring all of the equipment and ingredients and teach you the secrets of the Italian kitchen.  You don’t need to have a huge, high-tech kitchen – the most talented home cooks in Italy usually have the smallest kitchens!  After the lesson, you’ll sit down to enjoy the fabulous dishes you prepared while I tidy up your kitchen.

GROUP CLASSES & DEMOS for groups from 4 to 30 people


COOKING BASICS for High School & College students

CHILDREN’S BIRTHDAY COOKING PARTIES for kids ages 8 and up to celebrate your little foodie’s special day!

Sample Cooking Classes

Pasta 101 – Although it may seem intimidating, fresh pasta is actually quite easy to prepare.   Learn to make basic pasta dough; roll the dough out using both a hand-cranked pasta machine and a rolling pin; cut the pasta into pappardelle, fettuccine and spaghetti; and properly cook and sauce fresh pasta.  More advanced pasta classes such as RAVIOLI, GNOCCHI and other SPECIALTY PASTA SHAPES are also available.

Regional Italian Cooking – Do you wish you could relive that magical trip across the Tuscan countryside? Or recreate an unforgettable meal you had in a back-street Roman trattoria?  Si puo’ fare! You can do it – and in your very own kitchen! Allow me to use my years of extensive traveling, cooking and eating my way through Italy’s diverse regions to create a menu of dishes from your favorite spot nel bel paese.

Heritage Experiences – So many Italian-Americans have memories associated with food.  Their mothers, grandmothers and aunts were masters in the kitchen, but left cryptic or no written recipes behind.  It would be my absolute privilege of applying my wn cooking experience and extensive research of Italian cuisine to resurrect your  lost family recipes.

Antipasto Redux – Tired of your repertoire of cocktail party snacks?  Impress your guests with tasty Italian-inspired bites such as crostini with baked sausage & stracchino cheese; eggplant croquettes; truffled stuffed mushrooms; and zucchini & ricotta fritters.

Liquid Gold – Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil – We all know the immense health benefits of extra virgin olive oil and have probably been sauteing our vegetables with it for years.  However, have you ever made a savory dough crust using olive oil? Or poached fish such as salmon or halibut in it? Learn some new cooking techniques to help you incorporate more olive oil into your diet.

The Italian Kitchen & Pantry  – A  friend in Italy once told me that the secret to genuine Italian cooking is to spend more time shopping and less time cooking.  Italians are frequent and discerning shoppers and tend to favor farmers’ markets (il mercato) and mom-and-pop butcher shops (la macelleria) and fishmongers (la pescheria) over supermarkets.  Italians take much pride in their pantries and insist on top-quality olive oil, cheeses, dried beans and preserved fish.  Allow me to “curate” your refrigerators and pantries – and teach you some recipes to go with them – so you’ll never run out of inspired ideas for dinner.

Easy Weeknight Meals (that even your kids will like!)People think that because I’m a  private chef and caterer, I cook elaborate meals every night. The truth is that with three kids who have homework, soccer, piano, etc as well as their own ideas of what they want for dinner, getting a balanced dinner on the table on busy weeknights is as hard for me as it is for anyone.  Learn some new fast, easy recipes – such as spaghetti alla carbornara, polpette fiorentine and pollo all’aglio e olio – that will please even the most discerning little palates in your family.

Celebration of an Ancient Grain Cooking with Farro Farro is a healthy and versatile whole grain that has been cultivated in Central Italy since the Roman Empire. Learn how to prepare this wonderfully nutty grain in a variety of creative seasonal dishes such as pasticcio di farro and farro e ceci allo zafferano

Cooking with Legumes – You don’t need to be a vegetarian to add beans as a staple in your diet.  Beans – such as chick peas, lentils, cannellini, borlotti – are satisfying, nourishing and comforting and a blank canvas to highlight other ingredients.  Learn to make soups, purees, side dishes and salads using high-quality imported Italian legumes.

Healthy Italian OR  Vegetarian Italian – Many Americans think of Italian cuisine as the high-calorie red-sauce-and-cheese-laden dishes typical of their neighborhood pizza places.  In fact, Italian food – meaning the food you’ll find on kitchen tables throughout Italy – is quite healthy and wholesome.  Vegetables play a prominent role in Italian cookery and meats and fish are usually simply grilled or roasted with olive oil and fresh herbs.  Learn to make healthy, creative and satisfying dishes such as farinata (chick pea flour “pizza”), shrimp over soft olive-oil polenta , seared cauliflower steaks with a spicy olivata, farro grains baked with seasonal vegetables and so many other vegetarian or health-conscious dishes

And more!  Book your cooking class today!