My Cooking Story

My parents raised me with a strong sense of my Italian heritage and its traditions, and not surprisingly, food played an integral part of my upbringing.  My favorite brown-bag lunch, Nutella on golden semolina bread, was banned by a teacher who criticized my mother for sending me with chocolate cake for lunch. My Sicilian-born mom took great offense. . . and I must confess that although Abruzzo is first in my heart, my occasionally fiery temperament is entirely Sicilian!

I began a career as a corporate and securities lawyer at a large NYC firm and unfortunately, knew from the get-go that I wasn’t in the right profession. Never one to quit, though, I hung on for nearly 10 years. At the same time, I began to seek inspiration and a creative outlet in the kitchen.  I immersed myself in Italian cookbooks and culinary history and during our trips to Italy, while my husband, Michael, an amateur Renaissance historian and fellow Italophile, led me to off-the-beaten-path churches, I guided him to every obscure trattoria, pasticceria, gelateria, salumeria, cornetteria, etc., etc, etc.

I stopped practicing law to stay home with my children in 2008 and aspired to one day embark on a new career that channeled my love of food and Italy.  In the spring of 2012, I had a now-or-never moment and launched a local catering business specializing in the kind of authentic Italian food I learned in the kitchens of my family and friends in Italy over the years.   I offer cooking classes and culinary experiences in the greater New York City area.